The different types of vinyl fencing designs


When it comes to fencing material that is environment friendly, is low on maintenance and easy on the pockets, there are very few options that are as good as vinyl fencing. These fences have been around since the 1980s and over the years they have been adopted in a number of interesting ways to add style and depth to homes. These fences also take much less time to be installed than some of the other fencing materials and one can also choose from a wide range of colors, heights, textures and designs with them. Such distinct advantages make vinyl some of the most popular fencing materials in the world. It is therefore not a surprise that the top fence companies recommend these fences for their overall effectiveness.

History of vinyl fencing

Vinyl fences are made with PVC, a material that is especially known for its flexibility in the world of fencing. The material was first developed in 1950, after which it was introduced into the global market some time in 1984. The vinyl fences became quickly popular once they were introduced. This is because they required much less maintenance than the traditional wooden fences. Moreover, they also do not require any regular cleaning but can be washed easily with the help of a water spray. Such features make them the perfect form of residential fencing for those people who have little time to work on the maintenance of their home's fences.

Styles of vinyl fencing

With time, a wide range of vinyl fencing styles have evolved, thanks to leading architects and home d├ęcor specialists who have contributed in their own ways to create stunning fencing designs.The fence builders can offer different types of fencing options to their customers who want their homes to stand out in terms of their aesthetic brilliance. Here is some common vinyl fencing styles that fence builders strongly recommend.

Vinyl picket fences

These fences look just like the traditional picket fences made of wooden components. The most popular shade for this form of fence is white and they can be used for any kind of home. However, they are best suited for homes that have a garden or landscape area.

Lattice top vinyl fences

Lattice top vinyl fences can be chosen if one wants to be somewhat playful with the look of the fence. The top area of the fence comes with nice designs that present an informal look.

Flat top vinyl fences

As the name suggests, the flat top vinyl fences come with flat tops. However, one can choose between multiple sizes when it comes to this type of fence.

Dog ear vinyl fences

The dog ear vinyl fences come with an undulating top design that looks like a wave. Like the lattice top fences, these fences allow a person to be more creative with their home's fencing.

Round top vinyl fences

The round top vinyl fences looks just like the lattice top fences, only that they have a rounded or curved top.

Private vinyl fences

These vinyl fences are suited for those who have privacy as their topmost priority while seeking fences.

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