What advice a fence contractor would give for security


When a fence contractor will visit you for your fence installation, he will ask you many questions to understand your fencing needs. One of the common and very important questions would be the purpose of the fence. Fence Master's has a good article - types of chain link fence. If it is for security, then the whole planning ahead will be based on this factor only, and all other factors will be thought of later. Security fences are different, and when you think security, you put aesthetic at last in the priority list, and think of the strongest and most secure options only. Security comes with strength. And hence a fence for security has to be built strong.

Your fence contractor may suggest you materials like aluminum, wrought iron, steel, bamboo, chain link etc. Every style has its own special properties, and contributes to the safety factor in various ways.

Wrought iron

This is one of the most preferred types for security fencing. Wrought iron is reasonably priced, and is a very sturdy material. Moreover the iron in it is treated to withstand elements of nature really well, and hence it does not rust or chip off. You will have to paint it when the old paint peels off, and that is all the maintenance it asks for while giving you nice security.


Wood is an excellent option for fencing whether you are looking for security or privacy or both. Wood slats come long and high, and they can be joined side by side to give complete privacy, or may be joined with some gap to give security while maintaining some air passage. And now with the addition of PVC sheets on the woods, the fences get longer life protected from the precipitation and forces of nature. Hence you may go for wooden fences too, specially when they come with PVC sheets. Your fence contractor will tell you, how cheap PVC sheathed wooden fence can be.

An alternative can be vinyl fencing which looks like wood, and feels same too, but may not be as strong as wood. Hence, though it's an alternative looks wise, it's not great when security is the first priority. And your fence contractor will also advocate the same.

Chain link fences

Chain link fences made of a metal mesh wire network are one of the strongest fence types for security. Moreover they allow ample air and wind passage, thus not messing with the privacy, and giving a nice sight of what is happening inside the guarded zone. These are great for landscaped gardens, protected fields, playing grounds, and for guarding livestock etc. These are available in simple plain design, and also in barbed wire design. Both types are good and the barbed wire fences keeps off trespassers really well.

Your fence contractor knows well that chain link fences are a great stable protective barrier, and would always advocate its use if privacy is not a headache for you. Hence, while deciding the right fence type etc, you must talk to an experienced fence contractor and proceed.

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